Attention young adults! (Between 18 and 35)

Are you tired of trying things financially and it not working?

Someone tells you a way to make money, you try it and it doesn’t work for you. You heard about a way that you must use to budget, then you try it out and it doesn’t get you the same results. You know that you should be spending money on certain things but some of them make you feel uneasy. Do any of these sound familiar?

This was definitely the case with me when I started getting involved with money. I was told that you need to make money this way to be successful. I followed each set of advice in various ways throughout the years. I became an area manger at Amazon.

I was involved in network marketing. I started a health and wellness business that allowed me to make money online. I did all of these and was fairly decent at them but I didn’t have the passion around them to push them to the next level. The next level for me being able to make a sustainable living off of it, both emotionally and money-wise.

On top of this, when I earned money, there were literally a bunch of people (Both offline and online) telling me how to budget it in completely different ways! It was almost like these people were conspiring to contradict each other just to confuse me. In addition to this, I found that I was excited to spend money in some areas while I dreaded spending it in other areas.

Then I had an ah ha moment! There wasn’t anything wrong with any of the things people were telling me about money. It just wasn’t a good fit for my personality and goals.

It then hit me that if I was going to be financially successful, I had to develop a filter for all things related to money that allowed me to use the information and methods that were great for my personality and goals while at the same time, keeping out things that would be harmful to my success or make it more confusing.

Personal finance is something that is at its core simple once you know yourself and what you want from life. With me knowing this, It started to pain me when I saw other young adults struggle with the making, budgeting and spending of money. I knew there was nothing necessarily wrong with the information on money they were bumping into.

They just had too much ambiguity about themselves, their habits and their goals when it came to money. This is what inspired me to write The Anatomy Of Financial Success: The Key To Building Financial Confidence And Destroying Financial Insecurity.

The Anatomy Of Financial Success

The Key To Building Financial Confidence And Destroying Financial Insecurity

In this bestselling book, you will find:  

How to build and increase the income streams you desire so that you can make the type of money in a way that’s in line with your personality and financial goals.

How to budget your money in a way that ensures you are always moving forward financially so that uncertain feeling of feeling like something is being left out can simply disappear.

Know how to remove stress from spending money by knowing what works best for your personality so that you can spend money in peace.

How to effectively evaluate a financial opportunity within minutes to see if it is right for you so that you don’t waste precious time of your trying to make something work that just isn’t the best fit for your talents and goals.

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What Others Are Saying

I'm so glad I purchased a copy of this book. The information provided has been very helpful. I especially liked the easy to use formulas provided as they helped me work through my own situations and I could directly apply them to my finances. 

- Tanisha Domeaux

School Counselor

This book is a good guide and starting point to build on. The book focuses on understanding the motivations and strengths of each individual in order to better prepare them instead of giving people a basic "get rich" plan that doesn't work for everyone.

- David Hurtado

Data Analyst at Amazon

The insight I’ve gained by reading this helpful book has inspired me to seek alternative forms of income. With the understanding I’ve gained into my financial personality, I’ve discovered talents that I’m now capitalizing upon to supplement my primary income, and I’m loving the experience.

- Robin Vahimian

Patient Care Technician/Health Unit Coordinator

The Anatomy of Financial Success is a very informative read that caused me to deep dive into my psychology to rewire my psyche for financial success. It's straight-forward, categorizes finances in an intuitive fashion, and gives reliable solutions to tackle the psyche of the beast in the mirror. It serves as my bible to keep from getting wild & woolly, remain consistent with the fundamentals to maintain my budget according to my personality and maximize the 6 ways money is utilized.

- Nickolas Patton

Data Analytics Consultant

I feel very motivated after reading this book! This is a clever and cerebral view and explanation into money matters and financial success. The book outlines different types of income, different ways to make passive income, properly invest and motivations for doing so. I have a better understanding of ways I can bring in a much bigger cash flow and to keep it coming for my future. The author’s way of making money is explained so simply that even I could do it. It’s not complicated at all. And it’s very inspiring! Ready to make (and save$$) a lot of cash in 2020!

- Katie Heflin

Mary Kay Consultant

When I received The Anatomy Of Financial Success, I realized I needed to change. Not just myself but how I control my finances and that I have the POWER to control where I want to be in the future. I am excited and inspired to go beyond.

- Theander Hartnett

CMT For Team Consultants

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Here's Exactly What You're About To

Get Your Hands On...

In order to achieve financial success, you have to become a financially strong person. Someone who has the means to increase their income at will, budget that money to reach a goal, have the right mind set to spend that money and know what opportunities are best for you based on your particular set of talents and skills. Over the course of the book, you will go threw 5 phase that will take you from where you are now, to being a financial powerhouse capable of taking on the toughest of challenges.

Phase 1: What is money?

Without realizing it, we often pick up fallacies about money, like “money is the root of all evil,” or doing certain things for money is wrong. 

After reading this phase, you will have grown the financial skin you need to repeal such erroneous assumptions about money that subtly sabotage your attempts at acquiring it. Your financial skin is that layer that protects and repeals harmful and limiting beliefs about money that hold a person back from reaching their full potential. 

Phase 2: Increasing Your Income

In the same way that a doctor cannot operate on a human body without the knowledge of the anatomy of the body, one cannot build wealth without the understanding of how income is built. In this phase, you will learn the different types of income by using The Money Magnifier, how they differ, and which one(s) are best for you based on what you want.

This, in turn, will give you the ability to see the income type you want and work on the characteristics that are required to make it rain in that stream.This phase will develop your financial arms and legs so that they are strong enough to take you anywhere financially you want to go. 

Phase 3: Managing You Budgeting

A budget is unique to everyone. With that being said, there are things that will always remain fundamental to a successful budget. The definition of a successful budget is one that is always moving you forward financially in life. The formulas you'll learn in this phase can be used to provide you feedback on what areas of your financial life are neglected and which ones are on full display.

From there, you can even out the equation to make sure all areas are receiving attention, and likewise serving their purpose. This will save you 1,000s of dollars that slip threw your budget without you even noticing. Without this, people stagnate or even move backward. This phase will develop your financial core so that you can stomach any increase or decrease in income and still make progress towards your goals. 

Phase 4: The Science Of Spending Money

We all have our spending habits, and they produce both pros and cons. When it comes to the financial world, there are 6 financial personalities. In this phase, you'll identify which of the 6 personas you are so you can be aware of the drawbacks that come with that persona and work on them. At the same time, you can capitalize on your strengths.

This phase will develop your financial chest and make them bulky; giving you the confidence you need financially to trust yourself. This phase will also establish your financial back or backbone, so you have a spine to acknowledge your weaknesses in spending so that you can do something about them. 

Phase 5: How To Evaluate Financial Opportunities

As the constructing of your financial person is nearly finished, you will learn the evaluation formula in this phase. With this formula under your belt, you can confidently seek out opportunities to make more money or evaluate the ones that come to you. It gets you to your decision without the ambiguity.

You know why you want to move forward or not because you can see if it fits both you and your agenda. This phase will develop your financial head and eyes which will give you financial x-ray vision to see the inner workings of an opportunity and see if it is right for you. 

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"Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds"

This quote is one of Albert Einstein's most iconic quotes. This page may have sparked the great spirit that is lying dormant in you but it's encountering resistance from your mediocre mind. We all have these 2 in us. Which one we choose to listen to is ultimately up to us. Which one of these should we listen to though? I'll leave you with a question that will help with that answer.

If you don't take action today and start actively moving towards maximizing your financial potential, which voice is louder at that point? I think we both know the answer.

Whichever one you listen to, keep score of if it moves you forward to the financial life you know you deserve. One of them promotes a scarcity mindset, keeps the financial pain fresh and will keep your world small for the foreseeable future while the other gives you an abundance mindset and push you to reach your goals and dreams. Awaken your great spirit and take control of your financial destiny!